"I met Bev when she attended her high school reunion. I immediately found that she is a very warm and charismatic. I had never had a tarot reading so I was a bit apprehensive. I have to say that once I warmed up to the idea, I had the best experience! Bev was right on point with everything she told me. Can't wait to have another reading!"

--Anna Pesce

"Bev is a master of the cards.  For many years I have sought her out when I was at a crossroads or facing some difficult challenge. She has the ability in her readings to reveal the larger picture. Her intuitive questions and observations help me to understand my situation more clearly and to find a creative way forward.  I recommend Bev enthusiastically to anyone seeking wise counsel and support, whether it be a life challenge or a desire to live one's life more fully." --Katherine Spaar

"I wasn't sure what to ask when I came to Bev for a reading, so I let the cards show me what I needed to know. Wow! A situation I have been grappling with and didn't quite know how to handle came up. Bev gently guided me through the cards. With her help I not only started seeing the situation in a much broader way, but I also saw how I played a role in its repeated outcome. Bev with the help of the cards gave me specific suggestions on what I could do differently to change my situation. I left a believer and will definitely return."  --Paula Fisher

"Bev has a unique approach with the tarot that is more personal and meaningful then I have ever experienced before. She isn't afraid to spend the time to dig deeper into the cards and bring out their clearest and most relevant messages for your life. The process really shifted my mindset and opened me up to a whole new set of possibilities. I came away feeling comforted, hopeful, validated and excited for what the future could bring."

--Julie Gray

"In a reading with Bev, you choose the cards and using her wealth of knowledge and great communication style, she helps to interpret them. Her readings hit the nail on the head." --Ellen Plaza

"Over time I have gained increasing respect for the Tarot, not as a predictor of decisions or events, but as a tool to help me clarify my thinking and gut feelings, and so point the way toward decisions that truly align with who I am, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The proof of the helpfulness of Bev's readings consists in this: I now contact her to read the cards with me when I'm looking for a healthy perspective on decisions or situations. It has been very helpful."  --Marsha Morahan


"Bev's reading gave me clarity of thought and action to be taken. I have long known what I needed to do to affect change in my life; her insight gave me my call to action."  --Ellen Gray

"I especially appreciated how Bev was able to guide me to uncover my own answers and get unstuck in some areas. Bev enabled me to see some issues in a new, creative light. She demonstrated a keen ability to interpret the cards to provide practical guidance. Her rich vocabulary further illuminated the meaning of the cards.  I also appreciated the calm, peaceful  ambiance of her home which allowed a total focus on and enjoyment of the reading without interruption. I strongly recommend Bev's tarot reading services to anyone who seeks creative and practical guidance on important issues."  --Laura Rodriguez

"My reading with Bev far exceeded my expectations. Her insights went so far beyond the scope of what I thought of as "organization" and truly got to the core of how I can organize my entire life -- not just physically, but energetically and emotionally. What a gift. If you're looking to get organized, beyond the typical "How do I manage my stuff?", then make an appointment with Bev right away. You'll be glad you did."   --Andrew Chapman

"Bev is wonderful.   Her reading and interpretation of the tarot cards was insightful as well as prophetic.  Her reading was honest and forthright and is helping me deal with the challenges I keep facing by realizing that everything is a part of the path to happiness."  -–Suzanne Polkowski

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