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Creating a home for your heart

Why Clear Your Clutter?

Mesmerized by our stuff, we may wonder why life is not quite working out the way we want it to. We get distracted by tending more to our possessions, rather than tending to ourselves. Decluttering with ALIGN is about clearing space for you to breathe, expand, and explore the who you are, buried underneath the clutter. A pot of gold lies hidden under all that stuff.

Can ALIGN Help You?

ALIGN works with people seeking change in their life. The approach is fundamental and wholistic. Even though our possessions are finite and material, ALIGN helps clients identify and understand their attachment to their clutter because just getting rid of stuff without examination leads to recurring clutter.  ALIGN's process is mindful.


Many people believe they can clear their clutter by themselves, but they never quite succeed. ALIGN serves as your witness, clutter coach and accountability partner--just like a workout trainer or workshop facilitator. ALIGN asks questions, calls for decisions and honors the courage it takes to make those decisions. The process varies among clients as to pace, what is considered clutter and what to do with it once relinquished.  

How Does ALIGN Work?

We start with a 30-minute free phone consultation to determine whether ALIGN can help you. If ALIGN's services are a match with your needs, we will schedule an appointment. The first visit is a two- or three-hour in-home consultation depending on the end-result you desire and the energy you wish to expend. We will survey your situation, develop a plan and begin decluttering. You can choose to pay an hourly rate or a discounted multi-session package rate. 

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