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“Bev Hitchins was hired during a very difficult time for me when my father died. I asked her to inventory and divest my father’s three-room office of furniture, artwork, electronic equipment, books and files while I was 3,000 miles away. This required her to work with lawyers, office managers, and family members on many administrative and financial issues, some delicate, involved with my father’s estate.


She worked independently on difficult matters and kept me apprised of her progress by phone and well-written, detailed, and concise e-mails. Her hard work, sensitivity, and expertise made me feel confident that matters were well in hand and allowed me to make decisions based on the communication I received from Bev. In short, I am extremely grateful to Bev for her outstanding effort, judgment, and management.”  –Paul Brenner

“I used to hang on to “stuff” because I thought it had some kind of value. After working with Bev, I looked at my “stuff” from a different point of view. Is it a reflection of who I am now and where I want to go? She first cast an ALIGN-Your-Life spread that showed an amazingly accurate picture of where I’ve been, where I am and where I want to go and the role clutter plays. Now when I look at my “stuff,” it speaks to me differently. It’s much easier to let go of things I once valued because they are no longer in alignment in my life with where I am and where I want to go.” –Debra Witt


“I learned about Bev’s innovative and spiritual approach to clearing clutter at a workshop a few years back. I found the contact information, made the call, and set the appointment for her to help me clear my clutter. After working with Bev, I got what feels like a new beginning. My home is now peaceful, welcoming and open. I feel comfortable entertaining guests and sharing my space with others. Today, I can truly say, 'My home is where my heart is.'”  –Yolanda Porché

"For some reason, my efforts to get and stay organized and de-clutter never last long.  After trying various strategies and attempts to jump start things, I was intrigued by the opportunity to take Bev’s Consciously Clearing Clutter class.  

With much care, attention and intention, Bev guided the group to look deeper behind the reasons for the clutter and the desire to hang onto things long past their expiration date and usefulness.  I never considered the emotional layers of keeping things and my attachment to the people, memories or losses connected to material items. 


Presented in a spiritual context, I was able to consider how my feelings were keeping me stuck and staying buried under my clutter.  Today, I am delighted to report that my bedroom, previously a place hardly considered relaxing or serene, is now a sanctuary for rest, intimacy and love.  I am grateful for the chance to work with Bev and for her help to shine some light on things while shedding items that were truly weighing me down emotionally, spiritually and physically."  -Tim Kime

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