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What is the Tarot?

Tarot cards are an ancient tool for discovery. They help us access our unconscious mind and gain a deeper understanding of any issue we may face in our daily lives. They are not a fortune-telling tool. Rather,

they aid us in uncovering choices that get hidden

inside the stresses of our busy lives. Align-Your-Life readings emphasize free will and growth.


ALIGN'S Tarot Offerings

ALIGN-Your-Life Tarot Card Readings

Tarot readings provide answers to your questions.  Sometimes those answers are unexpected causing the person getting the reading (the querent) to be surprised or initially unaccepting of what the tarot offers. Other times the cards will confirm what you suspected to be true. The more open you are to receiving what the tarot offers, the deeper we can explore the tarot's message to you. 


Readings are most effective done in person, when the querent can pick his/her own cards. For those not close by, ALIGN offers readings on Zoom, Skype and phone. Readings normally last one hour. Call ALIGN at 703.998.0880 for price and to make an appointment.

Tarot Readings for Parties

Tarot readings at your party are a great way to ensure your guests will be entertained and have fun. Length of readings vary depending on the number of your guests

and the time you reserve.  A quiet space appropriate for private conversation, a small table and two chairs are all that is required. ALIGN serves the metropolitan Washington, DC, area. Call 703.998.0880 for pricing and to reserve your party date on ALIGN's calendar.

Learn to Read Tarot Classes

The Magic and Mystery of Tarot is a four-week class for beginners. Within this short time you gain the ability to read all 78 cards and learn how to interpret them in any situation. You hone your intuition just by reading the cards! 


Beyond the Basics is a monthly class for intermediate and advanced Tarot readers. Examples of topics addressed have included Exploring Your Shadow, Reading Reversals, Interactions Between and Among the Cards and Exploring the Total Range of a Card.      

Learn Tarot Online, A Tool to Harness Your Intuitive Power is six-session class will introduce you to the

fundamentals of Tarot reading. Slides with commentary for each session, a workbook and access to a Learn Tarot Online Facebook page is available once you register. Each session's slides are sent individually at the beginning of each week for the consecutive five weeks. For more information, contact Bev.

More information on all three classes is available on the Classes page.


I was searching online and saw the great reviews Bev received for tarot readings. I decided to make an appointment and it exceeded my expectations. She's very warm, genuine, kind, and an overall beautiful soul. She is excellent at interpreting the cards. It was incredibly accurate and there was also a moment when it was so accurate, I got goosebumps! We all have our reasons for having a tarot reading. Mine included a pretty personal question and it felt like a relief just talking to Bev-- she's an excellent listener and very objective. I highly recommend seeing her if you're looking for a tarot reading.  --Kenya Gwinn


Bev brings a sincere interest in and compassion for her clients to every reading. Her personalized approach and ability to listen allowed her to bring clarity to my situation and provided me with tools for moving forward. --Shannon May

I consulted Bev for guidance concerning the writing/public speaking/Internet business I am developing. She enabled me to see certain issues in a new creative light and offered practical guidance at the same time.  I strongly recommend Bev's tarot reading services to anyone seeking creative and practical guidance on important issues.  --Laura Rodriguez

Bev Hitchins is my go-to Tarot reader, and has been for several years. Bev’s approach to each session is professional, sensitive and insightful. What I find most helpful is the manner in which Bev conducts her readings; she gets me involved in looking at each card and considering the message at hand.  She also calmly provides her interpretation.  Bev has many spreads to offer to fit the situation I’m facing or decision I am considering.  For example, I recently scheduled a reading with Bev for the New Year.  I chose six cards for the first six months of this year. Bev’s readings always provide a light for my path forward. 

--Mary Oldham


I have found Bev's readings to be thoughtful, insightful, supportive, balanced, encouraging without being overly optimistic, sensitive and very personal. Her approach is not formulaic, but extremely individual, and thus very powerful. She has helped me see my own strrength and the strength of my relationships in some very difficult situations. --Liz Kuniholm

For more testimonials, see the Testimonial Page under Tarot.

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