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Consciously Clearing Clutter, Uncovering the Subconscious Reasons for Your Clutter

"I especially appreciated the way in which Bev personalized the classes to those of us who were taking the course as well as offering practical suggestions, creating flexible systems and approaches, and providing unfailing support and enoucragement.  Bev's clear perspective creates a safe and creative environment for sharing personal experiences and exploring new alternatives for addressing our love/hate relatinship with 'stuff.'"  --Ellen Anderson

"Working with Bev has been truly wonderful--revealing and transformative.  I originally signed up for Consciously Clearing Clutter thinking it would help me eliminate papers and clutter.  Instead, I am beginning to see other saspects of my life declutter. Everyone should think about embarking on this journey with Bev."   --Melissa Cona

"Clutter was negatively affecting my ability to enjoy life! Bev's class inspired me to tackle the most difficult tasks. Our assignments and discussions provided a new perspective, and I am now confident in providing spaces of beauty and peace in my home."  --Vivian Olsen

Essential Oils

Power Up! Using Your High Vibration to Heal

"Power Up! offers a unique approach in exploring ways that our thought patterns and intentions can affect our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Combining ancient wisdom and modern research with her own healing practices, Bev presents a clear, concise series of teachings that encourage participants to take charge of their own health and well being. I was inspired to incorporate some of the specific healing tools presented and am pleased to see tangible results in a very short period of time."  --Kathy Spaar

Learn to Read Tarot

The Magic and Mystery of Tarot

Learn to Read the Cards

"What I liked most about this class was

  • The clarity of Bev's presentation

  • The intimacy of a small group and learning with others

  • The input from other students

  • Bev's teaching style: meticulous, clear, organized, very knowledgeable, passionate, yet always with humor and warmth."  -- Linda Rivero

"This class has been an injection of confidence and confirmation that I needed and that has been waiting to happen.  I feel even more of a deeper relationship with the cards and less intimidated.  I also feel confirmation about my skills as a reader."  --Anonymous

"This class gave me everything I wanted and more. The handouts were great, the exercises fabulous. I now feel confident in my tarot card reading abilities."  --Ashley Sullivan

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