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In 1990 my mother died. I was in deep grief and in an effort to keep her alive in my mind I put many of her possessions in storage. This led to years of monthly storage fees and the emotional burden of knowing that someday I had to deal with those items.
Eventually I did. It took me a long time to discover that holding onto all her stuff was holding me back from stepping into the real me and doing the work I loved. I thought it only right and respectful to hold onto her stuff and the past it evoked, when, in fact, it blocked me from moving forward.
Sixteen years after her death, I created ALIGN, A Unique and Integrative Approach to Clutter and Balance. I started seeing physical clutter as the "great cover-up," not just for me but for many others. Just like the clutter we hold onto, we become dusty, stale and stuck. It must be moved, if we want a healthy, happy life.
Right around the same time I began reading Tarot cards and using essential oils. The cards continually surprised me at how spot-on they were with every question I asked. The oils I used at first for physical ailments. As I learned more about them, I started using them for mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. I now use them every day.
B.A. Russian Studies, Wells College
M.A. Russian Language and Literature, The George Washington University
District 27 Governor (1990-91)
Toastmasters International
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