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Why ALIGN Uses Essential Oils?

Years ago I suffered from a low-grade depression I couldn't shake. A friend introduced me to essential oils for physical ailments, but in time I started using them to calm myself, to sleep, and to lift my mood. In time I stopped being depressed and began to attribute my relief in large part to essential oils, the one major change to my lifestyle.

In 2005 when I launched ALIGN to help people clear their clutter, I began to notice the low-grade depression of my clients struggling with their physical clutter. With their permission I would diffuse essential oils when we worked together. This was not necessarily a quick fix, but it allowed both of us to work together harmoniously and achieve the client's desired results.

Today I use essential oils every day--not only on my body, but also in the air, diffusing them where I work and sleep. And because I like to teach, I have developed classes using the oils. What particularly interests me is coupling them with an intention, because with an intention they can more effectively produce the results we seek.



No webinars are scheduled to run at this time. More information is available on the Classes page.


Essential Oils 101

To be announced

Got a headache? Bruised yourself? Trouble sleeping? Mold in your home? Struggle with depression?   Seeking concentration? Ever considered essential oils as your remedy? Or are you wondering why you would ever use them? That’s what I thought until I learned more. Now they are my daily companions.



Strengthen Your Immune System

To be announced

From the common cold to more serious ailments, your immune system is designed to create a strong defense before you even realize your body is under attack. Learn how essential oils can be a powerful way to keep your immune system strong and effective.




Power Up! Using Your High Vibration to Heal

Not scheduled at this time

Our body and thoughts possess vibrational frequencies that affect the quality of our health.The higher the frequency, the better our health. The lower the frequency, the greater likelihood our health gets compromised. This three-session webinar examines the mind-body connection with the added benefit of therapeutic-grade essential oils. 


Thrive! Trusting Your Inner Physician

Not scheduled at this time

Scientists say we use only a fraction (one tenth of one percent) of our mind power, largely because we are unaware of the deeper levels of power our mind possesses. This 12-session webinar series examines those deeper levels of the mind and provides ways to access them. The general location of illness in the body is usually an indication that certain mind powers have been misused. An essential oil has been carefully paired with each mind power.

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All classes are held in Alexandria, Virginia, right off of I-395 and Quaker Lane.

The Forgiveness Shift

Not scheduled at this time

If you’re suffering from an emotional wound, no matter how deep or how long ago inflicted, guess what? You are the only one who can heal it. Highly interactive and participatory, this three-session class will help shift your perspective from the dried-up past to the juicy present. Each session focuses on an important concept of the forgiveness process and is combined with a carefully chosen essential oil blend. You’ll learn why the oils have been incorporated into the curriculum.  

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