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The Magic and Mystery of Tarot, Learn to Read the Cards

A Six-Session Class for Beginners

Upcoming class dates will soon be scheduled.  Feel free to call for more information.  

(703) 998-0880

Cost: $275.00 (includes Tarot deck and class materials)

This introductory class is geared for those who want to  learn how to read the cards and explore the mystery of  how the cards get it right every time. Each class is filled with exercises. By the time you leave, you will have  honed your intuition and learned how to interpret the  cards on your own.  

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 A Monthly ZOOM Gathering   for Intermediate and   Advanced   Tarot Readers 

"The Judgement Card:  A New Consciousness"

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 

 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM 

 Many may first think of judgment as negative:   judging ourselves unkindly or blaming others for   their actions.  It can also indicate that it's time to   weigh the matter and to find the truth.  When this   card appears in a spread, we are called to make   choices and to do so without blaming ourselves or   others.  In this session we examine a deeper   meaning of the Judgement card, the call within to   make some important change, whether it be   mundane and immediate or monumental in the   way you look at life.  The old self has died, and now   you are called to recognize it.   

Cost $48.00

Pay with PayPal 

BEYOND THE BASICS for the New Reader 
This class is geared for those who have a basic  knowledge of Tarot reading and wish to  enhance their reading skills. 
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Date:  To Be Announced 

7:30 PM - 9:30 PM 

Class held via video-chat online

Cost: $48 per session (payable via PayPal)

The Gate Cards--Reaching Beyond a Card's Specific Meaning

In her book Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, Rachel Pollack introduces the concept that certain Minor Arcana cards "open a path from the ordinary world to the inner level of archetypal experiences.  Each suit contains at least one of these cards.  They all share certain characteristics, complex, often contradictory meanings and a myth-like strangeness, which no allegorical  interpretation can completely penetrate."  We will first look at how we interpret the eight Gate cards and then explore why she sees a myth-like strangeness in each one.  You will leave the session with a deeper and richer understanding of each card. 



Consciously Clearing Clutter (4 Sessions) 

Uncovering the Subconscious Reasons 

for Your Clutter 

Dates to be announced 

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

Alexandria, Virginia 

(Right off I-395 & Quaker Lane) 

Cost: $225.00 

Do you have the space to dine in elegance? Or does your dining room table serve as a filing cabinet? Are your dinner table conversations rushed? Isn’t it time you

relaxed and enjoyed your meals? Your dining room table is just one of the many favorite spots where clutter may land, but are you aware of how it affects the way you live? This class will not only inspire you to examine how your clutter blocks you from leading a joy-filled, happy life, but will motivate you into action in ways you haven't experienced before! The results you've been seeking are at hand.

Essential Oils


Essential Oils 101

To  be  announced

The live session will be recorded for those unable to attend the class.

Got a headache?  Indigestion?  Bruised yourself?  Trouble sleeping?  Gum infection?  Mold in your home?  Struggle with depression?  Difficulty meditating?  Seeking concentration?  Ever considered essential oils as your remedy?  Or are you wondering why you would ever use them? 


That’s what I thought until I learned more.  Now they are my daily companions.  Join my introductory webinar to learn about their history, properties, application and standards.  I’ll share personal stories of how the oils helped me and my friends.  You’ll be amazed at how powerful these oils are and what they can do for you. 


Strengthen Your Immune System with Essential Oils 

To be announced

Your immune system is so effective that it generally goes unnoticed--until something goes wrong.  It protects you 

and keeps you in great health without even thinking about it. Yet, without a strong responsive system, you are unable to fight infectious diseases and counteract toxins.


Join my webinar and learn how essential oils can be a powerful way to keep your immune system strong and effective. Emphasis will be placed on how to best address cold and flu symptoms. Young Living Essential Oils are the oils I will be using.