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Creating Space for Body, Mind and Spirit

ALIGN offers a unique opportunity to unblock, get unstuck and forge paths to reach your creative potential and passion for life. Feeling blocked, stuck, or simply confused about what next steps to take occurs at some point in all of our lives. This  shows up in different ways:  an abundance of physical clutter; a series of unsatisfying, broken relationships; and chronic unhappiness with different jobs.


These so-called blocks, what ALIGN calls "clutter," can be traversed, usually with help. Through classes and individual consultation, ALIGN can get you started removing those blocks with the different services it provides: decluttering, tarot card readings, and therapeutic-grade essential oils.


ALIGN views clutter as an outward manifestation of deeper concerns and unresolved issues that exist within a person. By creating space on the physical level, a client can see choices more clearly and make decisions he or she couldn't make before.


Tarot Card Readings

ALIGN uses tarot cards as a tool to explore the deeper, inner issues around our blocks.  The card pictures have an uncanny way of tapping memories and thoughts we haven't consciously articulated to ourselves; or if we have, we've tucked them deep inside ourselves.  By exploring the cards, we can begin to acknowledge and bring them forward, so we can examine them to see how they serve us.


Essential Oils

After using essential oils for her own body, mind and spirit concerns for the past 21 years, Bev has incorporated therapeutic-grade essential oils into her work with ALIGN clients. Coupled with intention, essential oils can help us regain our balance, see situations with greater clarity, and motivate us to move forward, if we choose to actively participate. 

ALIGN-Your-Life Blog

Wait!  Before You Say Yes

July 17, 2018

Months ago, when Tavis Smiley was still on television, he interviewed English actor and producer David Oyelowo.  Mr. Oyelowo may be best known for his role as Martin Luther King, Jr. in the biographical drama Selma.  When Tavis asked him what criteria he uses to take on a role, he shared three simple words:  Part, Project and People. 

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