“I appreciate the way you avoided telling us something like “throw out everything you haven’t used in 6 months,” the standard advice for organizational “experts,” and instead recognized that items we do not actively need can still have value and may deserve to be treated honorably.” –Margaret Hogue .

“I used to hang on to “stuff” because I thought it had some kind of value. After working with Bev, I looked at my “stuff” from a different point of view. Is it a reflection of who I am now and where I want to go? She first
cast an ALIGN-Your-Life spread that showed an amazingly accurate picture of where I’ve been, where I am and where
I want to go and the role clutter plays. Now when I look at my “stuff,” it speaks to me differently. It’s much easier
to let go of things I once valued because they are no longer in alignment in my life with where I am and where I want to go.” –Debra Witt

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